How can I apply for a job?

Navigate to the job board by clicking the briefcase icon in the bottom tab bar → click into the details of the job you’re interested in applying for → review the job details to ensure that your profile matches the experience needed → click “Apply” at the bottom of the screen. We encourage users to attach a personalized note to their application to provide the job poster additional necessary information.

Can all of NOVA see the job I am posting?

All job posts on NOVA are publicly viewable to the community via the Job Board. To attract more prospective candidates to the opportunity, we encourage users to populate all the fields that they can when posting. This will allow creatives to easily filter through opportunities and find those that match certain specifications.

What does being “invited” to a job mean?

A user can select specific people to invite to their job posting if they’re a good fit. This is an invitation to apply to the job posting. Once you apply, the job poster will be notified that you accepted their invitation.

Where can I see which jobs I have been invited to?

Navigate to your account page → My Jobs - Invitations. Within this page you can view any job invitations you’ve received.

What do I do if someone has posted a fake job or didn’t pay me?

While we did set NOVA up as a curated community to limit fraud wherever possible, NOVA is not responsible for verifying the legitimacy of job opportunities and/or payments. If you experience a user breaking any of our Community Guidelines, you can either report their account or email us at to let us know. We’ll look into the matter and keep you informed.