Account Setup and Applications

How can I apply as a creative?

Once you’ve created your NOVA user account, select that you want to use NOVA “As a Creative” to begin the application flow. Fill in all of the required fields and submit your application after reviewing your selections. If you need to exit out of the application mid-flow, your progress will be saved and you can return to it anytime by just re-opening the app.

How do I verify my email address?

Upon entering your email in the sign up flow, you should receive an email requesting you to verify your address. Check your spam folder if it’s not in your Inbox. If you still haven’t receive it, navigate to settings → Account → Email addresses and click “Re-send”.

Why do I have to attach a social media account?

The NOVA community is built on trust and authenticity. To support that pillar of our guidelines, the application process requires completing the authentication of 1 or more social media accounts. Our internal team then will verify that the name associated with your application matches the social media account you attached.

How long will the review process take?

After submitting your application, our board of creatives will review all of the information provided and collectively make a decision. Unfortunately, we can’t estimate turnaround time for application reviews.

Will I be notified if I am accepted?

Upon submitting your application, you’ll be prompted to turn on your push notifications. Our decision could come through at any time, so be sure to keep your NOVA application updated and push notifications on. We’ll also send out an email to your primary address once our creative board has reached a decision.